Viking Welded Boats

Viking Welded Boats had its beginnings in the late 1970's building large steel fishing trawlers for private fishermen in the Maine fishing industry.

Viking Welded Boats

Recent History:

Viking Welding and Fabrication LLC, and Response Marine, Inc. have been partners in boat construction and design since 2002. Combined, these companies have been responsible for approximately 90 welded aluminum boats including over 20 fire/rescue boats designed by Response Marine and built since 1989. Our expertise is in special service craft such as severe service workboats and special applications such as research, fire/rescue, law enforcement, and tour boats. Our designs have ranged from 15 feet to 44 feet and are consistently noted for their durability, safety and seakindliness. One of our greatest strengths is our ability and willingness to incorporate specific details and features that maximize each boat for the specific customer and mission.

For more detailed information on designs and design specifications please visit Response Marine's website:



Response Marine Designs - Viking/Response FR-30J

  • 30' x 10' 2" Hull (w/o Fendering & Rails)
  • All Welded Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Outfitting Options and Alternative Arrangements to Suit -1/4" & 3/8" Bottom & Transom structure

Viking Welding


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